Antonin Artaud “Pour en finir avec le jugement de dieu”, 1947

“For the skeletal history of bringing radiophony into high modernism, the date 2 February I948 is crucial. This is the moment of the nonevent that remains pivotal in radiophony, the suppression of Antonin Artaud’s scheduled radio broadcast of “To Have Done with the Judgmentof God”. This year also marks the origin of modern radiophonic and electroacoustic research, for it was at this moment that magnetic recording tape was perfected and became availablefor artisticpurposes. The confluence of these two events-Artaud’sfinal attempt to void his interiority, to transformpsyche and suffering and body into art; and the technical innovation of recording tape, which henceforth permitted the experimental aesthetic simulation and disarticulation of voice as pure exteriority established a major epistemological- aesthetic shift in the history of art.”

hent artiklen:  Radio Icons, Short Circuits, Deep Schisms Author(s)- Allen S. Weiss


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